4 Tips to Protect Your Home from the Storm Season and Damage During Severe Weather

If you want to protect your home from damage during the storm season, there are some repairs and improvements that you will want to make. Some of the best improvements have to do with protecting the glass in windows and doors. This can be done with shutters, hurricane screens, and other improvements. Here are some tips to protect your home during the storm season and from severe weather any time of the year: [Read More]

Tips For Choosing the Right Concrete Contractor

If you're like many other homeowners, you probably enjoy doing DIY projects around the house, so you may think that installing a concrete driveway or building a concrete wall will be a fairly easy project. Unfortunately, not all DIY projects are as easy as some may think. This often results in the job being unsuccessful. There are several steps that go into concrete work, and if each isn't followed correctly, it can have an effect on the final project. [Read More]

What To Know When Using Steel Fabrication Services

Steel fabrication can be an effective way of having custom items and tools made. Not surprisingly, this is a type of service that is commonly needed by businesses. When your business is needing to have custom items made from steel, learning more about the steel fabrication process may enhance your ability to meet your business's needs. Are Fabricated Items Durable? You might assume that items made through steel fabrication will be unreliable. [Read More]

Building Roofs In The Round: How Building Trusses Fit Into These Roofs

Building trusses are essential for any roof that is not flat. You cannot build any sloping roof without trusses. Ergo, you might be wondering how round roofs are constructed, and how trusses even fit into these roofs. Here is how. Round Roofs Are Not Truly Round Strange, but true; round roofs are not actually round. They are optical illusions. They are actually more like flattened pyramids. When there are six to eight roofing panels or sides, then the roofs look even more round, even though they are not. [Read More]