How To Decorate Your Sunroom For The Holidays

Just because you live in a sunny, warm climate doesn't mean you can't be festive at Christmas. Your sunroom is a special consideration. Don't neglect it, just because it's a room meant for enjoying nice weather.

You don't have to be snowed in to make your home feel Christmas-like. Incorporate your sunroom into your decorating, and enjoy Christmas in the sun with these simple decorating tips to make the room practically shine with the holiday spirit.

1. Use Christmas Lighting

Tack up Christmas lighting around the top of the walls of the sunroom and down the sides of each wall. If you are really ambitious, you can also string the lights along the floorboards to create a "framed" appearance for all four walls in your sunroom. Keep the theme consistent throughout the room by choosing either all multicolored lights for a traditional look or all white, blue, or any other color lights. 

2. Put Up Garland and a Wreath

Green garland with red or silver accents will look wonderful draped over the tops of exterior French doors from an interior store like The Door and Window Store. Let the garland hang down the sides of the doors as well, making sure to tack them in place so they don't get caught in the doors when they are opening or closing (or cause people to trip on them).

Hang a wreath on the exterior French doors, facing the interior of the sunroom. This will give the interior of the room a more festive appearance that will be enjoyable for the people who ware using it.

For a nice added touch, you can spray false frost onto the panes of glass on your exterior French doors, to make it look like it has actually been cold and snowing outside. Just keep the spray thin, so light can still shine into the house from the sunroom.

3. Add a Christmas Tree

You don't have to put up a full-sized tree in the sunroom, though that is an option if you want the holiday look to be big. A small, tabletop tree with a nice, white or lace tablecloth under it will do nicely. It will give the room the holiday touch it needs to really stand out and show what extra effort you went to in order to make the room look beautiful for the holidays.


It can be hard to get into the holiday spirit when it's 80 degrees Fahrenheit outside. However, you can build up that festive feeling by being generously decorating inside and outside your house. Show the world you can still have a real Christmas in the warm weather by decorating your sunroom for the holidays today.