Squeaky Clean Reputation: Have Your Theater's Seats Cleaned Regularly

If you manage a movie theater, you know how messy people can be. Spilled food and drinks are an everyday occurrence in theaters, and they can lead to sticky, germy seats that give your theater a bad reputation. But there's another issue you need to look at in terms of clean seats: the mess that people can make merely by sitting down. Having a janitorial service come in and clean the seats frequently can make your theater a little less frightening whenever a news station brings up reports about the cleanest or filthiest places to go.

Commonly Used Areas and Germs

It's a staple of the television news report -- an expose of places that people think are harmless but that are really germ baths waiting to kill all of humanity. Usually what these reports find is that areas where lots of people sit gather lots of truly dangerous germs that really can make people sick. Places that people expect to be dirty, like bathrooms, are not really that dirty when surveyed precisely because people think those are problem areas, so they clean them regularly.

In contrast, the places that everyone thinks will be OK, like movie seats, turn out to be among the worst places to sit. Fecal bacteria is usually found covering the seats, headrests, and armrests because people don't wash their hands after using the bathroom. KLTV in east Texas found theater seats to be heavily contaminated with "hundreds of thousands of colonies" of fecal bacteria. The floor at one theater was the only place the researchers didn't find that bacteria. Good Morning America found staph on a movie seat. Staph is a common skin bacteria, but if it gets into a cut, it could cause a nasty infection. Anyone wearing shorts who has a scrape or cut on the backs of their upper legs would be at risk.

Regular Janitorial Services and Cleanliness

Placing signs in bathrooms to remind people to wash their hands with soap and water is a good idea, but not all your patrons will see those. You still need to get the seats cleaned. Janitorial services for theaters offer different packages that keep the place in better shape than others. Some services can show up daily and do surface cleaning, while others show up every few days and deep clean.

Talk to a few companies, like Jones Boys Maintenance Co., about your theater's traffic patterns and the issues you've had with spills and dropped foods. The representatives from the companies can help you figure out a suitable janitorial schedule that will make your theater one of the cleaner places for people to go.