3 Ways To Give Concrete Counters The Look Of Luxury

Concrete counters have grown in popularity due to the durability and relatively low price. If you've never seen one of these counters in action, you might be picturing a kitchen with counters that look like your front sidewalk. But that couldn't be further from the truth. There are some design tricks that can make any concrete counter look as luxurious as marble.

Acid Stain

Acid stain products create a chemical reaction with the concrete to create the subtle, beautiful swirling that's seen in marble. The stains come in different colors, which will in turn create an ombre effect on the counter with lighter and darker shades depending on how much the acid reacts to the concrete in a given area.

Most hardware stores sell acid stain supplies and it isn't an impossible task for an experienced do-it-yourself worker. But hiring a concrete professional, like those at Planit Dirt, Inc., can help ensure that the finished product has a look as close to marble as possible.

Embedded Glass

Custom-crafted concrete counters can include embedded materials meant to give the counter a more high-end appearance. These embeds are often small pieces of glass, which glitter under the surface and provide more depth to the look. You can go a step further and have the embedding done in a design of its own, such as swirls or a tile-like pattern. But, simple is often better with this type of design and even small shards of glass can make a slab of concrete counter look more like quartz.

Paint Or Stain

Concrete can be painted or stained, depending on the desired final look. Paint will entirely coat the counter and is best if you want a simple, solid-color counter that won't detract for the other, bolder elements of your kitchen. Stain has more design potential, as it can be used to create a wide range of faux finishes.

A talented concrete worker can use stain to make the concrete counter look like a variety of different brick and stone. Those elements can then in turn be used to form impressive designs such as compass stars. Stain allows the natural elements of concrete to still peek through while still bolstering the overall appearance.

Choosing counters for your home is never an easy task. But talk with a concrete professional to see how this multi-purpose material can be used to create nearly any design idea you have for your new counters. The result will carry a lower price tag and last for decades to come.