Flooded Basement? Act Fast To Preserve The Space

Finding out your home is in a flood zone by discovering a flooded basement can be a huge mess, and you want to hire the experts right away to clean everything up. The quicker you have a water damage restoration control company come into your home, the more likely it is that items can be saved.

The water damage restoration company will remove all of the water currently flooding your basement, and work to start protecting the home and repairing the damages. Here is how the company will act quickly.

Water Removal and Extraction

The company uses pumps to remove stagnate water, and water still entering the home. They will then use suctions and high powered vacuums to take water out of  flooring, drywall, furniture and more. Once a majority of the water has been removed from the space, the area needs to dry out.

Dry and Dehumidify

Strong fans will be used to circulate air throughout the home. Heaters will be used to help dry out the space, and a dehumidifier will be running to extract leftover moisture from the air. Once the air and space are completely dry, you can start to work on killing any mold that could have developed, and prevent new spores from spreading in the space.

Mediation and Cleaning

The entire area needs to be cleaned with a fungi killing product, to ensure that mold doesn't start forming throughout the space. If mold is already developing around the walls or in the ventilation system or insulation, then mold remediation will need to be performed. Areas saturated with water or mold may need to be removed.


After the area is cleaned thoroughly and entirely, you want to consider waterproofing your basement with a sealant. This is a thick paint that works like a shield against water. Put it around the foundation walls and the floor to keep water from coming in through your foundation and to protect the concrete.

If your home has flooded unexpectedly and you aren't sure what you are supposed to do, let the professionals save your basement. Your home insurance company may be willing to pay for the services that you needed, since the water restoration company may save the company replacement costs. Don't hesitate when you find the water to get the problem fixed, and to get the space cleaned by the best professional team from a company like Flagship Restoration.