Common Safety Concerns Landlords Often Miss

When it comes to having a rental property, the goal is to get the most rent possible. Of course, you want to keep it rented as well, but it won't matter if you're losing money on the property. If you want to increase your rent or you are renting it out for the first time, you are going to want to make sure the property looks great and functions properly. Safety concerns your property poses can end up hurting your bottom line. Make sure you address any safety concerns that could be haunting your property or you could face heavy fines, loss of rental income, and more. 

Egress Windows 

If you are looking to install a basement window, you want to make sure you are going to satisfy the egress window codes. These windows are primarily to ensure there is a safe escape route should your home catch on fire. If your basement has a history of moisture problems adding an egress window could only cause more problems. The last thing you want to worry about is mold and mildew. When installing the window, you want to be sure it is up to code. Most codes require the window to have a 5.7 square foot opening. This allows firemen and most people to get out the window when needing to escape.

Remove Harmful Contaminates

Don't be a slum lord. If your rental property contains any mold or asbestos, you need to have it removed quickly. Call your local asbestos abatement service to ensure the property is safe. You could even get fined if you know about the harmful substances in the property and not do anything about it. Don't take any chances and go ahead and remove them for good. Mold and asbestos can cause health problems for not only your tenants, but you as well if you around the property often. 

Ceiling Height

In order for your property to be up to code, your ceiling height has a certain minimum requirement. It is important that you make yourself aware of the requirements so that you remain in good standing with the city. If you rent out your property knowing your ceiling height is not up to code, you could face fines as this is illegal. If you are concerned that you're not catching everything, you can have a safety inspection done on the home. This can help you save both time and money by allowing you to address issues before you move a tenant in. Talk to people like Bios Environments for more information.