Tips To Get The Most From Your New Laminate Floors

When it comes to the floors in your home, there are a vast number of choices available to you. From hardwoods to stone tiles, the options can almost be overwhelming at times, and when you factor in budgetary constraints, this decision can become even harder. However, laminate floors offer an economical alternative to other types of floors, and they can also come in a variety of tiles. Unfortunately, some people may not be very familiar with these floors, and this can lead them to needing some questions answered before they make a final choice. 

Is It Possible To Repair Laminate Flooring Without Professional Help?

Any type of floor can encounter some form of damage, and laminate floors are no different. Unfortunately, stone and wood floors are almost impossible to repair without a variety of special tools and specialized training. As a result, when these floors are damaged, you will likely need to pay expensive repair bills to have it corrected. 

In most cases, laminate flooring is relatively easy to repair. There are two ways that are most often used to repair laminate floors. For small scratches and tears, it may be possible to simply use a laminate patch kit. These kits contain a special chemical that dries to form a material that is similar to laminate, and it can be used to essentially glue the pieces back together. 

For more severe damages, you may need to replace a section of the flooring. Luckily, this can be done using simple tools. Box cutters are an effective way of cutting a square around the area needing to be replaced, and once this is done, you simply need to apply a coating of adhesive before laying the replacement piece of laminate into position. 

Does It Matter If You Use A Rug On Laminate Floors?

There are many areas of the home where rugs simply make sense. For example, if you have a door that leads into the home from the outside, a rug can significantly reduce the amount of dirt that is tracked into the home. Unfortunately, some people do not realize that they may be making a mistake that can permanently discolor their laminate floors. 

Rugs contain a tremendous number of dyes, and these pigments can permanently discolor the floor. As a result, you should always have a plastic mat under the rugs that are on the laminate floor. 

Laminate flooring is a common option for many homeowners that want a low-maintenance and affordable material for their floors. By understanding that there are many problems you can repair without a professional help and the importance of using a mat under your rugs, you can help ensure you get the most from this type of flooring. Experts like Whiteford Hardwood Floors Unlimited LLC can help you further.