Changes You Can Make To Update Your Bathroom

When your bathroom looks outdated, you have a few ways to increase its appeal. You can change one or more features to enhance the look of the room. It will take some time and planning, but it is worth the effort to improve this one area of your home.

Change the Shower

One way to increase the look of a bathroom is to change the shower. If you already have a shower tub combo, you can remove the tub completely and then replace it with just shower stall. Doing this can free up some additional space in the room, especially if the shower stall is smaller in width or length than the original tub.

If you do not need the extra space in the room, you can still remove the tub and enclose the shower with single panels of glass. This allows light to flow into the shower and keeps an open feel to the bathroom. To enhance the space even further, you can use decorative tiles on the back walls.

You also have the ability to add extra amenities to the shower with this design option such as a seat or multiple showerheads. Placing multiple showerheads that spray from different directions gives the space an updated and sophisticated feel.

Hide the Toilet

When you have extra space within the bathroom, you can hide the toilet. Making a small room for this portion of your bathroom adds privacy.

A contractor, such as Two by Four Construction LLC, will need to build the surrounding walls and then add a door to create the toilets little room. To make the space even more functional, you can install a cabinet on one of the walls, which will hold additional toilet paper and cleaning supplies.

Some people choose this design option when multiple people need to use the same bathroom. For example, this option also works well for children, because one child can use the toilet, while the other one brushes their teeth. It might not be the ideal choice for some people, but it works better when your home has a limited number of bathrooms.

Increase Storage

Your other option for updating the space is to increase its storage. Medicine cabinets are coming back into style and you can find ones with carved wood, decorative glass or shiny metal frames. You can store medicine, toothpaste, brushes or other hair care products inside of them.

Another option is to place new shelves around the bathroom. To make them more interesting, you place decorative baskets that can hold bathroom items. These baskets make shelves more practical and they work well when you do not have the space for large cabinets.

Updating your bathroom does not mean you need to rip everything out and start from scratch. You can enhance this room by changing one to two things. Looking through all of your options will help you choose the best changes to make to your bathroom.