Failing Asphalt: Types Of Damage You Can Fix

If your asphalt is suffering from problems like cracks and dips, it's not stuck like that forever. It may be time to start thinking about repairing the damage. By fixing problems with your asphalt, you'll avoid having a driveway or parking lot that looks like a mess to those that use it. The following problems can be fixed on your own to help keep your asphalt looking great.

Why Do Small Repairs

If you want your asphalt to last, you'll need to perform regular maintenance. A well-maintained asphalt parking lot or driveway can last around 20 years. The small maintenance is cheap to do on your own when compared to asphalt resurfacing, which should only be used as a last resort.

Dips And Potholes

It is important to repair dips and potholes to create an even look and feel. Fixing these problems early will prevent potholes from becoming big enough that they can damage your car.  If the dip or pothole is no bigger than 2 inches, it can be fixed using an asphalt patch.

Crevices And Cracks

You will need to repair crevices and cracks as soon as you see them, as they can turn into an eyesore. Small cracks can be an easy place for plants to grow, and they will eventually turn into bigger dips and potholes if left untreated. This happens due to water getting between the asphalt, freezing, and causing cracking when the water expands.

You can purchase asphalt filler from your local home improvement store. It will fill the cracks and prevent plants and water from getting inside.

Exposed Asphalt

Asphalt needs to be covered with a sealant to help protect it from Mother Nature. Once you have repaired minor damage, it is a great opportunity to apply a new seal coat to the asphalt to protect the repair. A seal coat also has an aesthetic appeal, as it will make asphalt look polished and cover up the dull and aged look that it had before.

Major Damage

When the damage is beyond simple repair, you may require professional help to resurface the asphalt. The process involves replacing the top two inches of asphalt, which will make it look great and help it hold up. It is a cheaper way to fix your asphalt without starting from scratch and replacing everything.

If you do need asphalt resurfacing, be sure to contact a local asphalt contractor in your area for more information.