Local Jobs With Mathematics

There is nothing wrong with wanting to work close to home. There is also nothing wrong with wanting a position that involves mathematics. In fact, you can have both of these things if you focus on the direction you want to take. Below, you can learn of some local positions you can apply for that involve different types of mathematics.

Civil Engineering Jobs

Civil engineering jobs can range from working at a desk to going out in the field to try to figure out how to design a new drainage system that serves the town and local farmers well. Any position that involves civil engineering through a company like Gray Surveying & Engineering is also going to involve mathematics, so you can have the best of both worlds in a situation you enjoy.

  • Surveyor: Surveyors use technological tools as well as geography and knowledge of the area to complete their tasks. It isn't just about measuring borders, but about understanding how to use angles to close a lot of land and correctly figure where things begin and end.
  • Building Code Inspector: The building code inspector is well-educated when it comes to construction materials and things like the weight a particular material can bear. Knowing how to do complex calculations is a necessity, but you also have to know how to be assertive and insist on implementation of local building codes.
  • Architectural Design: Architectural design requires knowledge of building codes, math skills, creative design abilities, and a whole host of other skills. However, you don't necessarily have to work in civil engineering. You can design homes from an office and sell the plans, design local buildings for developers, or use your architectural skills to help design buildings meant to reduce the carbon footprint the residents leave behind.

Administrative and Clerical Positions

The list of administrative and clerical positions available to those who enjoy math ranges from being a cashier in a local convenience store to crunching numbers in the local science research lab. Consider areas like accounting, book keeping, human resources, insurance, and just about any field that requires a budget or involves maintaining a spreadsheet.

When it comes time to seek out a local position that involves math, don't be afraid to think outside the box. For instance, put a new twist on civil engineering and design a solar water pump to service the town. Don't just maintain spreadsheets, but create ones to sell to other businesses to make it easy to streamline their budget. Use your math skills to serve your community in a whole new way.