Bathroom Design Ideas For Child Safety

Remodeling can give you the bathroom of your dreams, but it also gives you a chance to make this room safer for your young children. The following remodeling tips and ideas focus on both safety and style.

Skip the Slip

Water, small children, and slick tiles don't mix well. When choosing a flooring option, look for textured tile instead of smooth ceramic and glass tiles. If you really like the look of smooth tiles, use these on the shower surround or behind the sink.

Tubs are also available with non-slip surfaces. By opting for this design, you won't need to use non-slip mats inside the tub to keep things safe.

Lock It Up

Most parents wouldn't dream of skipping on cabinet locks when they have young children in the house. If you are replacing the bathroom cabinets, why not select some with built-in locking hardware? This will provide more security for both the vanity cabinets and the medicine cabinets.

Don't overlook the toilet. It poses a real drowning hazard for young kids. You can add an aftermarket lock to the toilet, or you can replace your current toilet for one with a built-in locking mechanism.

Lower the Bar

When deciding on safety bar placement in the tub, install it at an angle so your child can easily reach the lower section if they need help balancing.

Also, place towel and toilet paper bars low enough for a child to reach, so they aren't tempted to climb on the toilet lid, sink, or tub edge to reach what they need.

Guard the Circuits

Electrical outlets can pose a major hazard in a bathroom, especially when young children are involved. If you share a bathroom with your child, consider installing outlets inside drawers or cabinets. You can keep your electrical items, such as curling irons, in the drawer, and then both the items and the outlets are locked up when the drawers are closed.

If you opt for exposed outlets, make sure they are fully grounded and use outlet covers to keep little fingers away.

Round It Out

Finally, skip the sharp edges whenever possible. Choose sink and vanity countertops with rounded corners. When picking out faucets and handles, go for those with smooth, rounded edges instead of sharp corners or points. Accidents can happen, no matter how careful and mindful you and your child are. Going round whenever possible can make an accident just an uncomfortable bump instead of an injury requiring a hospital visit or stitches. To learn more, contact a business like Capital Construction.