Three Simple Projects To Transform Your Bathroom

Remodeling your cramped, dark bathroom can turn it into a relaxing oasis inside your home. If you don't quite have the budget for a total makeover, you can spend a little money to perform any number of small projects that provide a significant face lift. Even if you don't exactly view yourself as a handyman or woman, you can spend a little money, roll up your sleeves and drastically change the look of the space. Before you commit to that full-scale bathroom reno, here are three simple projects that can greatly boost the room's aesthetic quality.

Light Up Your World

The task of changing your bathroom's lighting situation can make the room feel fresh and new, and the project doesn't have to be difficult. If your ceiling light is the frosted glass, dome-style fixture that was installed when your house was built, swap it for some track lighting with directional halogen lights. Putting track lighting overhead serves a dual purpose; not only does it give a fresh look on the ceiling, but it can also allow you to remove your outdated lighting around your bathroom mirror. Simply ensure the track lighting is long enough to suit the room, and then aim two or more bulbs so they bounce off the mirror.

Hello, New Toilet

Whether it's an ugly color or just looks grimy, an outdated toilet can drastically reduce the appeal of your bathroom. The good news is that replacing this all-important fixture is a breeze. Keep your eyes peeled for a sale at your nearest home improvement store and you'll have no trouble picking up a stylish, functional toilet without having to spend much money. The process of changing the toilet is virtually as simple as unbolting and lifting the old one, and then setting the new one down in its place and fastening it to the floor. Whether you favor a dual-flush model or one that's elevated to make sitting more comfortable, the short time investment of this project has major aesthetic benefits.

Let The Water Flow In Style

Although replacing your bathroom vanity can dramatically change the look of the room, this project can be a significant undertaking. If the vanity itself is acceptable, jazz it up with a new faucet. This project isn't as difficult as you might think, and carefully following any of the step-by-step videos found online can ensure you complete the job correctly. Whether you favor the elegance of a bronze or want the sleek, modern look of brushed steel, this task can make you say goodbye to the outdated, high-polished faucet that's become an eyesore. For more information, check out