2 Affordable Ways To Improve The Looks Of Your Old Laminate Countertops

Are the countertops in your kitchen ugly, old, and worn out? If so, you could replace them with new ones. Unfortunately, replacing countertops can be expensive and this might not fit in your budget, but there are other options. Here are two ideas you could use to give your old laminate countertops a facelift.

Contact paper

One cheap idea is to cover them with contact paper. Contact paper is something you can purchase at most discount stores and is commonly used to line drawers and cabinets. It comes in rolls and is available in many colors. It is also very affordable, and you might be able to complete this job yourself.

Contact paper has a sticky backing, but you will need to make sure your countertops are completely clean and dry before you begin applying the paper. Once the counters are clean, you can simply peel the contact paper off the rolls and push it on your counters. This may take some time, but it will create a new look in your kitchen for a very reasonable price.

Laminate covering sheets

A second option you could choose is laminating your countertops with sheets of laminate covering. These sheets are available at most large hardware stores, and they come in many sizes and colors. This option would provide a more professional appearance than the first option, but it also might require hiring a contractor for help.

To complete this project, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Sand the counters to make them even and to remove the glossy finish
  2. Clean the counters so they are free of dust and debris
  3. Cut out a piece of laminate sheeting to fit on your counters
  4. Apply contact cement to the back of the piece of sheeting and to the existing counters
  5. Place the piece of laminate sheeting in its place and push down to make it smooth

If you can complete this step, you may be able to obtain a brand new look in your kitchen for a really low price. If you cannot do it yourself, you could hire a contractor for the job. A contractor is not likely to charge you a lot of money to do this because it should not take more than a few hours to complete.

These are both great ways to affordably update the countertops you have in your kitchen, but some people still prefer just getting new countertops. To learn more about your options, contact a contractor (such as Traditional Marble & Granite) in your area.