Four Areas To Makeover Your Home With Durable Vinyl Products

If you want to makeover your home with a new durable look, vinyl products can provide you with the right solution. They can be used for everything from exterior finishes to fences surrounding your home. Vinyl can also be used for the wall covering and floors in areas of your home that need a water resistant solution. Here are some of the areas that you may want to consider using vinyl for your home renovations:

1. Water Resistant Finishes For Basement Areas

There are areas of your home that may be prone to water damage. A good example of this are homes with finished basements. In these areas, you may not want to use conventional materials like wood and drywall. Instead, you can use vinyl finishes for walls and floors. There are also vinyl interior doors and trim that can be used in the basement of your home.

2. Slip Resistant Decking For The Pool Area With Vinyl

You may have a deck around your home, which wood decking can become worn and eventually need to be replaced. You can use a vinyl decking system for areas like around a pool. These decking systems can also have a textured surface to help make your pool area more slip resistant. These can also be dry systems that can give you dry space beneath a deck.

3. Adding An Affordable Custom Fence Using PVC Products

If you want to have a custom fence added to your home, materials like stone, iron and masonry can be costly. PVC fencing systems come in many different styles, which can give you the look of many of these materials for a lot less. The PVC fencing can also give you a durable alternative to conventional wood fencing. Contact a PVC fence service (such as Lishman Fence) to get help adding an attractive fence around your home.

4. Giving Your Home A Custom Exterior Finish With Vinyl Materials

Vinyl can also be used for the exterior finish of your home. This can be the conventional vinyl siding, or it can be installed in other styles. Today, you can even get it in panels that have different designs that include masonry and contemporary designs. If you want more of a classical design for your home, you can combine different vinyl siding styles to create a unique look.

These are some of the areas that you may want to consider using vinyl for your renovations.