Construction Fencing: Options For Contractors

If you're working in a construction area, fencing is important to help create a barrier between the workers and the general public. This type of fencing is usually temporary, but it serves an important purpose. Construction fencing lets people know not to cross onto the job site, and helps keep people safe. It also draws a line between the area where construction is being performed and where people outside of that area can walk or sometimes see the construction happening.

Light Weight Options

Temporary contractor fencing can come in several different colors, but orange is most commonly used. Red and yellow are other popular options, since these colors get peoples' attention and help create clear barriers. The material used in temporary contractor fencing is made to be strong and weather resistant. Typically made of a plastic composite material, it can be rolled up and moved quickly, so it's simple for contractors to be able to change the fence layout or bring it with them to another job site if needed. Chain link fences are another option, but are usually preferred for long term construction projects.


Another selection for construction fencing are windscreens. These light weight and portable forms of fencing also provide privacy as well as protection from the wind. Windscreens can also be screen printed with company logos. This makes them an excellent choice for construction companies who want to let people know what they are working on developing. A windscreen can be rolled up and moved easily, and are usually able to provide good blockage of view from the outside. Some companies offer different levels of blockage so you can determine which level you'd need in terms of available air flow and the ability of others to see inside.

Fence Rentals

If you're looking for something more sturdy but do not want to invest in fencing, renting construction fencing is an option. You can choose from chain link style fencing to privacy screens. The rental company will assess the construction site's individual needs and then bring in the fencing as well as install it. Various styles, sizes, and heights should be available to help meet the different needs of that particular site. Once the job is finished, the rental company, like Statewide Rent-A-Fence, will then come back out and remove the fencing. Renting temporary fencing makes things much easier and can sometimes cost less in the long run since you're not purchasing the fencing outright.