Concrete Paver Walkway Installation Tips

A walkway that is constructed out of inexpensive concrete pavers is a nice visual addition to any yard.

If you would like to tackle the DIY project of installing a concrete paver walkway in your yard, then you can create one that you can be proud of using these tips:

Rent a Plate Compacting Machine

A plate compactor is a small piece of landscaping machinery that you can use to help you smooth and compact the gravel and sand base layers below your new paver walkway. Without this mechanical compaction, the walkway's base materials will shift in the rains and snow. This shifting will damage the paving stones and make your walkway's surface uneven.

You can rent a plate compacting machine at any local equipment rental store or home improvement center. Most places rent them by the hour or for a full day and the cost is reasonable.

Buy the Right Gravel Base Material

The gravel that is used as a base material under your new walkway will help the area drain and help to provide a nice flat surface for which to place your concrete pavers. For this application, it is best to use a smaller gravel that is various size from dust to small cobble. The cobble will settle first, and the smaller rocks and dust will fill in between the cracks to create a very stable base for your new walkway.

Buy the Right Jointing Sand

Just as your bathroom tile needs to be grouted, your new concrete paver walkway needs to be jointed with sand. The jointing sand that is placed between the pavers helps to keep them in place and stay level as they age in place.

The sand you purchase for jointing the concrete pavers in your walkway should be fine-grained. The small sand grains will pack down densely and stay between the pavers much better than a larger grained sand will. Keeping the sand between the pavers is paramount for the long-term alignment of the paving stones.

Install Garden Mesh Fabric Under Your Walkway to Prevent Weed Growth

Finally, to prevent the growth of weeds in the jointing sand between the concrete pavers, you can install the walkway on the top of a layer of garden mesh fabric. The mesh fabric is designed to choke out weeds while still allowing drainage water to freely flow. If you choose to use a layer of garden fabric, then you should install it under the gravel base layer.