Scared In Your Home Because Your Spouse Works At Night? Ease Your Fears By Following These Security Tips

If your spouse works at night, it can be scary sleeping alone. You likely hear every little noise thinking someone is trying to break into your home. The tips below are some ways you can make your home feel more secure so you can sleep peacefully at night.

Check Your Windows

Check every window in your home to make sure the locks are operable. If they are not, either replace them or get them repaired. There are window locks that allow you to open the windows a few inches but still keeping them secure because the window cannot rise any higher.

Window break alarms are available at most home supply stores or security companies. These alarms adhere to your windows. If any window is broken into, a loud alarm will sound. The burglar will likely run away once they hear this sound.

Security Shutters are another option you have. These shutters roll down using a remote, smartphone, tablet, or wall switch. They generally come with a timer that you can set to roll the shutters down at a certain time each day. The shutters are installed close to the window. You will find them made of galvanized steel. When the security shutter is raised up, it is hidden.

You can install the security shutters on exterior and/or interior windows. Exterior shutters create a primary barrier in front of your windows, which delays entry into your home by an intruder. If you choose to install a security shutter inside also, this creates a second barrier.  This also prevents an intruder from breaking the window to reach in and unlock it. When shut, they completely block your windows so a thief cannot see through them.

Check Your Doors

Check the locking mechanisms on the front, back, and side doors to ensure they are working properly. If these doors do not have a deadbolt, you should install one on each of them. Make sure you purchase deadbolts that you have to use a key to unlock. If you purchase a latch bolt, a thief could simply break the window, reach inside, and unlock it.

If your doors are older or of low quality, consider replacing them with doors that have a solid core of metal or wood. There are also metal clad doors that offer security.

If you have sliding glass doors, this gives an intruder easy entrance into your home. To make your sliding glass doors more secure, place a wooden dowel in the interior floor track.  Measure the floor track, and cut a dowel to this size so it fits properly. If you do not want to make one, you can purchase an adjustable safety bar to place in the interior floor track. Another option you have is to install a floor bolt.

You may want to consider having a security system installed in your home to provide you with even more protection. 

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