Have A Bayfront Home And Want To Construct A Dock For Your Boat? Use These Ideas

If you enjoy home projects and have a boat and a bayfront home, a small dock seems like a logical idea. If you opt to construct a boat dock on your property, there are some things you'll need to keep in mind in order to build something substantial that you can use for years to come. You'll want to talk with an expert, like Abbott's Construction Services Inc., and you'll want to keep the following ideas in mind.

Make Sure You Don't Use Raw Wood

Your first impulse might be to use the regular, untreated wood you can purchase at any home improvement store or lumber yard. However, if you use raw wood that is not treated for the outdoors, you might start to see rotting, warping, and structural problems. In order to build a sturdy dock that will last, you must start with lumber that has been pressure-treated with chemical preservatives in order to withstand wind, rain and other elements. Vinyl is also a good choice since it is non-porous and can last for years.

Figure Out Whether You Want to Use Pilings

If you want to build the strongest dock possible, you may be considering using wood pilings to build your dock on. Docks built on pilings can feel more stable to you when you walk on them, and they can last for a long period of time. However, a floating dock may make more sense for you if you live in an area with changing water levels and frequent inclement weather; with floating docks, you can simply move the entire deck to the ground while a storm rages. Think carefully before coming to a decision about which type of dock you want to build.

Remember to Stake the Dock to Your Property While You Build

You won't get the dock done in one day; if you want to ensure that your dock is not floating away into the bay on the days you're doing something else, you must remember to use stakes for keeping the dock on your property. Drive metal stakes into the sand near the bay and tie your dock to them throughout the building process.

Use Metal Hooks to Tie Your Boat To The Dock

You may be interested in building a nice dock, but it is easy to forget to get a couple metal hooks so you can tie your boat to the dock. That way, you can have a great dock for getting off your boat and walking onto your property--while ensuring your boat is safely attached to the dock for your next boating trip.