Hot Tub Maintenance Tasks You Can Do Yourself To Save Money

Having a hot tub in your home or in your backyard is a great luxury, but like all other luxury items, it requires maintenance. While you might need some expert advice or repair help from time to time, many hot tub maintenance tasks can be completed by you. Knowing what they are and how to complete them will also save you money and make your hot tub that much more enjoyable.

Clear the Jets

The air jet openings in your hot tub frequently get clogged with hair and human skin. (Not a pretty-sounding picture, but that is the truth.) Although you can add chemicals to your hot tub that kill bacteria much in the same way you would with a pool, the fact is, your air jets are still going to get clogged up if you do not clear them.

It is a good idea to completely drain your hot tub every couple of uses, then flush the jets by turning them on. (You should also flush and clean the jets when your hot tub has been sitting idle for several months.) The jets can force out some of the stuff that is stuck in them this way. However, you will still have to get into the empty tub to wipe away the mess that gets blasted out and then use a toothbrush or other small instrument with a brush head to make sure any hair and skin cells still stuck in the jets is thoroughly scrubbed out.

Check the Heating Coils

To make all that nice, warm and soothing water in your hot tub, your spa needs a heating element or heating coil. The heating coil is housed in a special cabinet underneath the hot tub's shell. There is an access door in the side of your hot tub for repairs, but you can open this door and see where the heating cabinet is. Once you open the heating cabinet, switch on your hot tub's heating element. Depending on what type of coil or heating element you have, it will either begin to turn red (like the coils on a stove) or it will radiate a lot of heat. Check to make sure nothing else is resting on the heating coil and that nothing has melted on it either. Turn the coil off and wait for it to cool down, then wipe it down to remove dust, which can cause the coil to become inefficient. Contact a business, such as Kaupas Water, for more information.