3 Reasons To Consider A Saltwater Pool

A saltwater pool is a great alternative to a traditional swimming pool, mostly because saltwater pools can provide a number of benefits that are not available with a traditional swimming pool. Saltwater pools function by having a chlorine generator that will utilize the salt in the water to create chlorine on an ongoing basis throughout the day, instead of requiring you to manually dump chlorine into the pool when needed. Listed below are just a few of the reasons to consider a saltwater pool.

Less Work

One of the biggest issues that many people have with a traditional pool is the amount of maintenance work that is required. A saltwater pool is a great way to cut down on that work, as it does not require you to have to store and pour chlorine into your swimming pool every day; the pool's chlorine generator will be using the pool's salt content to create chlorine constantly. While you do still have to check the sanitation levels of the pool, the fact that the pool creates the chlorine automatically means that you do not have to check the sanitation levels as often.

Less Algae Growth

One of the problems that can often come up in normal swimming pools is that algae can grow quite quickly due to the addition of a chlorine stabilizer to the water. The stabilizer is necessary for traditional swimming pools because it helps to reduce the harshness of the chlorine that needs to be added to the pool regularly. 

However, since a saltwater pool does not require a stabilizer, the growth of algae will be substantially slowed. The reason that saltwater pools do not require a chlorine stabilizer is that the chlorine levels are low enough that the stabilizer is not necessary.

Fewer Irritants

Finally, you will want to consider a saltwater pool because it will expose you and your family to fewer irritants. The higher levels of chlorine that exist in a traditional swimming pool can often lead to irritated eyes and rashes.

A saltwater pool's chlorine levels are far lower than in a traditional pool, so there is a lower chance of those issues occurring. In addition, you do not have to add a lot of chemicals to a saltwater pool to offset harsh chlorine or clean the pool, which will further reduce the potential sources of irritation in the pool.

Contact a pool contractor today in order to discuss how a saltwater pool can benefit you and your family. This type of swimming pool will require less work to maintain and lessen algae growth while also exposing you and your family to fewer irritants. Visit http://www.kriscoaquatechpools.com to learn more.