Want To Get Your Carpets Cleaned? 3 Ways To Prepare On The Day Of The Service

The flooring in your home receives a great deal of wear and tear throughout the years, regardless of whether you have hardwood, tile, laminate, or carpeting. Although carpet has a limited lifespan compared to more permanent and expensive options such as real hardwood or engineered hardwood, you should still keep it clean because this will help you maximize its lifespan and enjoy a clean home at all times. Every 12 to 18 months is what you should expect for carpet cleaning, but there are a few variables. On the day of the service, you will want to make sure everything is ready to go for professionals.

Moving the Furniture

Carpet cleaners can move all of the furniture on their own, but this could come at a premium. It is best to eliminate this responsibility for them to avoid incurring higher costs and to make it easier for them. If you do not have much extra room in the home to move things around, you should try putting furniture in the kitchen, garage, covered patio, and any bathrooms that may have some additional space. This will ensure everything stays protected throughout the entire service, while also being out of the way for cleaners.

Board All Pets

If you have several cats in the house, you may not want to keep them at home for this process. Locking them in the bathroom could lead to a high stress situation with the carpet cleaning machines being an alarming and unfamiliar noise that can make them scared inside the place they consider home. If you have dogs, you can keep them in the backyard if it is a safe spot for them to be on their own. Alternatively, you can make it a family experience and bring them to a dog beach or dog park to enjoy time outside. Boarding your dogs is another reliable solution that works when the other options are not feasible.

Keep the Kids Busy

Another thing that you will need to do is keep your kids occupied while the cleaning is happening. The ideal situation is to get carpet cleaning while they are in school. But, if you must do it afterward, you can play with them in the backyard, take them to the library, or let them hang out at a friend's house.

Taking time to prepare for the day of carpet cleaning will lead to a smooth and enjoyable experience. To learn more, contact a company like Amer Carpet Cleaners