3 Remodeling Tips to Help You Get the Most out of a Tiny Kitchen

The kitchen could easily be considered the heart of the home with the residents inside stopping in to prepare meals, eat, or grab a drink from the fridge on a consistent basis. Because so much time is spent in the kitchen, if it is smaller than most, it can be all out frustrating. Thankfully, even a tiny kitchen can evolve to be more functional, and there are several changes you can make to see an immediate difference. If you are planning a kitchen remodel, make sure you keep the following tips in mind to help you get the most out of the space. 

Consider removing a wall in your kitchen. 

Tiny kitchens that are surrounded by walls on all four sides will just make the space feel more confined. By simply eliminating one of the surrounding walls, you can make the room feel and look bigger. This change sounds drastic, but, the truth is, removing a wall that is in place sheerly for cosmetic reasons is a lot easier than most people think. Of course, the only way removing a wall in your kitchen will make sense is if the conjoined room is one that will flow well with the kitchen itself. For example, a dining room can easily have a shared wall removed, and the two spaces will work well together. 

Install custom cabinetry that is narrower.

Most standard cabinetry is roughly the same width. However, if your kitchen is pretty small, narrowing the cabinetry could easily give you more floor space. Talk to a custom cabinetry maker to design kitchen cabinets that are not as wide and have them installed. This may cut back on the amount of available storage, but, if you have a small kitchen that has ample cabinetry, you will likely not notice a great deal of difference if the lower cabinetry sets are cut back just a bit. You will, however, see a difference in how much room you have to move about.

Make use of windows and natural light. 

A tiny kitchen with no windows and little natural light will look and feel smaller than it actually is. For this reason, just adding a window or even a skylight with some natural lighting streaming through will create the illusion that the kitchen is larger. It is worth sacrificing one pair of cabinets to gain a window if you can. If not, a skylight is another good option.