Install A More Secure Commercial Door

You have worked long hard hours building up your business, and it is probably one of the highlights of your life. For this reason it is important to protect what you hold dear. Just like your home, your business needs to be protected. There are many ways that you can increase the security of your business, but one of these ways is to install commercial doors. Maybe the doors that you have been using have been up since the building was built, or the last business owner did not care much for safety. No matter what the story is with the building your business calls home, it is most likely time for a door upgrade. There are many different types of doors that can protect your business, here are three doors for an focal entry doorway. 

Glass Doors

You may want to have as much natural light in your business as possible, but still keep the security of your business as possible. Glass doors may be a great fit for your business. Old glass doors are mainly made of a single pane of glass. Commercial grade glass doors are often made from double or even triple pane glass that have been treated with a tint that will block ultraviolet rays. The glass can often be fused with steel wires that will protect against break-ins. Not only will you be protected from break-ins, but you will also have the benefit of natural light. 

Automatic Doors

If you are in an area where temperature or pests are a concern, automatic doors may be a great idea for your business. Automatic doors allow clients to walk through the doors, but close shortly after to keep heat, cold, and pests out of the building. Often with automatic doors you will be able to install a very secure alarm that will sound when the automatic doors are pried open. 

Security Gates

You may be completely happy with the doors that you have now, but want to add some security to the building. You can most definitely have a pull down gate installed above the door. There are many different kinds of gates that you will be able to install. In fact many of these gates can be automated and programmed. You will be able to have complete control over the gate and who has access and when they are given access to the business. Gates are a fantastic way to add security to an existing door. 

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