3 Things You Should Do to Get Ready for the Spring Rains

Spring is coming soon and along with it comes the rain. Below are three places you should prepare so you can enjoy the warmer weather without having to worry about the rain damaging you home. 


If you have a basement, you need to ensure it is waterproofed properly. If your area gets torrential rains, your basement could be flooded, leading to structural damage to mold.

There are various basement waterproofing methods. One type is waterproofing the interior of the basement. You can paint the concrete walls with a waterproof coating. This coating prevents water from seeping through the concrete walls.

There is also exterior waterproofing, which is the more thorough method. This is much more expensive when compared to interior waterproofing, but it can save you a lot of money if your basement never floods.

To start the process, you must dig around the perimeter of your house until you get to the foundation. You need to hire a waterproofing company to do this for you. If you tried to do this on your own and dug the wrong way, you could damage your foundation very easily.

Once the foundation is exposed, the company covers the walls with drainage panels. These panels drain water away from your home.

Talk with a waterproofing company like Central Penn Waterproofing to get more information.

Gutters and Downspouts

Check the gutters for any debris that may have built up over the winter months. If anything is found, remove it either by hand, with a small shovel, or with a garden hose if there is a lot of debris.

Once clear of debris, look over the gutter system to ensure it is secure around the perimeter of your home and that it has no dents in it. Make sure the downspouts are in good condition and that they are secured correctly. This is important because downspouts divert water that comes through the gutter system away from your home.


No matter what type of roof you have, it could be damaged due to the snow, ice, and high winds that can happen during the winter months. Inspect the roof for any shingles that may be loose. If so, you can use roofing nails to tighten them back down again.

There may be shingles that are completely gone or severely damaged. If so, hire a roofing contractor to repair or replace your roof if it is old. This is important, as a leaky roof can cause structural damage to your home.