How To Replace A Picture Window With An Aluminum Frame On Your Own

Picture windows are windows that do not have any sashes that move. Picture windows are just large glass windows that allow you to look outside and enjoy the view, without the ability to open up the window at all. If you have a picture window in your home that you need to replace or upgrade that has an aluminum frame, you can do it on your own with the right tools and enough time. This process can be lengthy and involved, though, so if the following steps seem too daunting for you, be sure to contact a window installation expert to make sure that the work is done correctly.

#1 Take Off Exterior Trim

The first thing you need to do is take off the exterior trim that goes around the window. To do this, you are going to want to put a flat pry bar behind the trim. Be sure to be gently when sliding the flat pry bar between the trim and your home. Work around the trim, slowly prying it off of your home.

If you are careful and don't damage the trim as you remove it, you can use the trim again for the new window you are installing.

#2 Remove Screws Holding The Fins In Place

Second, you need to remove the screws that are holding the fins around the window in place. You should be able to see the fins on the exterior of the window when you remove the exterior trim. Although you can use a screw driver to remove the screws, it will be much more effective to use a power drill with the proper screw tip to remove the screws around the window frame that are holding the fins in place.

#3 Remove Caulking Around The Fins

After you remove the screws holding the fins in place, you now need to get rid of the caulking that is also securing the fins in place.  To do this, you are going to want to take a utility knife, and use it to cut or score the caulking. This will break the seal of the caulking and make it easier to remove the window.

#4 Take The Window Out

Now it is time to take the window out. You may want to have a spotter or someone on hand to hold onto the window as you work it loose from its frame.

To work it loose from its frame, you are going to want to once again use the flat pry bar. This time, place the pry bar between the fin and the wall, and apply force gently to loosen the window and pull it out. Work your way around the window, loosening the fin and the window.

Once the window is loose enough, you should be able to pull it out as well as the aluminum frame that is attached to the inside of the window. You are going to want to have someone assist you with this step.

#5 Clean The Frame

Now that the old window has been removed, you are going to want to clean the frame and window opening before putting the new window in place. Use a knife to cut away and remove any caulking that is still attached to the frame. Then use a damp cloth to clean around the frame and remove any other dust, grim or build up from the opening.

#6 Put The New Window In Place

Now, take the new window and put it inside of the frame. You are going to want to have someone hold the window in place on the outside of the home while you go inside of the home and ensure that the window is centered properly.

Use a leveler to make sure that the window is level and even, and measure it to ensure that the window is centered properly.

If you need to level out the window, you can use some wood shims and place them between the window and the frame to even out the window so that it is properly level.

#7 Remove The Glass

If you put wood shims in place, you need to carefully remove the glass from the frame. Then, use glue to hold the wood shims in place so that they will stay secure once you install the window. Next, put exterior window caulking around the inside of the window frame and along the windows fins.

#8 Center & Secure The Window

Once the glue is in place, put the window back in place. Check with the leveler again and make sure that the window is centered properly and is also level. Press the window in place so that the glue sticks to it.

Now, you are going to secure the window with stainless steel wood screws that you are going to apply to the mounting holes in the fins that are holding your window in place. This will secure your window in place.

#9 Attach The Trim

Finally, you can reattach the aluminum trim that you took off from around the window previously. To secure the trim, you are going to want to use exterior window caulking around the trim to keep it in place.