3 Tips For Caring For Your Vinyl Siding

Vinyl is a great option when choosing new siding for your home, since it's affordable, comes in a wide range of styles, and is durable and relatively low maintenance compared to other types of siding. While vinyl siding doesn't require a ton of upkeep, it can definitely benefit from some simple preventative maintenance. Taking care of your vinyl siding in these ways will keep it looking new and functioning as well as possible for a very long time:

Be Careful with Landscaping

While vinyl siding is not vulnerable to the weather and elements like other types of siding, it can become damaged if your landscaping is allowed to run wild. Overgrown tree branches can scratch or puncture your vinyl siding. In addition, if trees or shrubs near your siding are overgrown, it makes it easier for pests like squirrels and woodpeckers to get onto your siding where they can cause further damage.

Clean it Once a Year or So

Vinyl siding does eventually accumulate dirt and grime from being exposed to the weather, so it's a good idea to occasionally give it a good cleaning. If allowed to remain dirty for long periods of time, not only will your vinyl siding stop looking its best, but grime, dirt, and sap can eventually lead to stains. Cleaning your vinyl siding will also get rid of spider webs and other unsightly debris.

Luckily, vinyl siding is easy to clean. You can hire a company to tackle this task for you, or clean your vinyl siding yourself with warm soapy water and a soft scrub brush. You can then rinse the vinyl siding off with a hose. Avoid harsh chemical cleaners unless they are recommended by your vinyl siding company, as using the wrong cleaner may cause discolorations or other damage.

Move Your Barbecue Grill Away from the Siding

While vinyl siding is hardy stuff, it can warp or melt if exposed directly to an open flame. For this reason, it's best to avoid using an outdoor barbecue grill very close to the siding of your home. The same goes for your backyard fire pit. It's better to be safe than sorry, so keep plenty of distance between any sources of open flames in your yard and your vinyl siding.

Keeping your vinyl siding clean and in good repair with these tips will help ensure you are happy with your siding choice for many years. Contact a company like Superior Products for more help.