Want To Minimize Upkeep On Your Vacation Rental? Install A Gutter System

When you own a property that you do not live in, some of your options include selling the house, renting it out, or turning it into a vacation rental. You may have turned the house into a vacation rental because you like the idea of the reduced upkeep and obligations. For instance, you can cancel reservations far in advance or stop taking them if you want to take a break from managing.

If you want to invest in projects that can minimize the overall upkeep on your vacation rental, you should consider installing a gutter system. Considering all the details regarding this addition will help you make choices that reflect your desire to have a low-maintenance property.

Protect Your Foundation

Some homeowners may decide to install a partial gutter system because they do not want to add it in areas where rainwater may not be much of an issue throughout the year. But, in a vacation rental, you may not be around to check out the puddling around the foundation. Installing a complete gutter system will allow you to dictate where all the rainwater goes on the property.

Avoid Paint Problems

When you look around at properties, you will likely find many of them with white gutter systems. Although they may look nice on the property, they do require more upkeep. The paint can chip off and look worn down until they go through the process of repainting all spots with missing paint. An easy way to avoid this problem is by choosing a copper gutter system over aluminum.

Copper will give your home a certain look that you cannot change, but you will benefit from the fact that you do not need to worry about painting the gutters at all. You may even want to use this as an opportunity to change the exterior look of your home to mesh with the copper.

Prevent Rusting

In comparison to other metals, copper corrodes rather slowly. This means that you will not have to keep an eye on the gutter system after a lot of rainfall occurs. It will ultimately reduce the exterior maintenance of your vacation rental and make sure that it stays impressive visually.

Adding a gutter system to your home is a major project, so you will want to make sure the property is empty during this time so that you do not disturb any guests. Afterward, you will have a new addition to your vacation rental that will make the place easier to maintain.

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