3 Trendy Design Elements For Custom-Built Homes

When you are in the process of working with new home builders to design a custom home, you may want to look to the current trends for ideas. Many of the current trends in home design improve the functionality of your space, both indoors and outdoors.

Open Floor Plans

More people want open floor plans because they can make smaller homes feel larger. One common way to open the floor plan of your new home is to create continuity between the living room, dining room, and kitchen. Since these areas of the home are often used in unison, especially during day-to-day activities or when entertaining guests, it makes sense to keep these spaces open with little or no physical partitions. Keeping the floor plan open can also allow for more sophisticated design elements, such as a vaulted ceiling, chandeliers, or a dining area that can accommodate many guests for holidays or large parties.

Functional Outdoors

Outdoor living spaces continue to be trendy, and you should incorporate this feature into your new home. If turning your back yard into an outdoor living area is too much, consider an enclosed patio that is an extension of your home. This way, you can have a place to enjoy the outdoors or entertain guests with fewer concerns about the weather or bugs. For a true outdoor living space, you likely want a dedicated area with a brick or stone walkway that turns into outdoor flooring. Installing an awning or other structure will allow you to enjoy the space during different seasons. Some homeowners turn their outdoor living area into a place where they can sit by the fire or use the space as a second kitchen and entertainment space.

Large Kitchens

The kitchen is a popular selling point for homes, so when you have the opportunity to design your home from the ground up, consider dedicating more space to your kitchen. With a larger space, you can have more room for custom cabinets that can hold small appliances or larger cookware. Additionally, you may want a nearby pantry so the space is more efficient to use when cooking. Kitchen appliances are increasingly more technology-focused, so you may want enough space to have a high-tech kitchen that is easily integrated into your home network. Another reason to have more space dedicated to the kitchen is so you can have more options for islands and countertop materials. When you choose more expensive materials, such as marble or granite, these become focal pieces, and you want to show them off.

Many of the current trends in home design are sure to stand the test of time. Since these features improve the functionality of your space, they are ideal additions to any floor plan.