What's The Big Deal About Saving Landfill Space?

One of the big claims you see regarding construction material disposal is that recycling the material can reduce the amount going into landfills. Given that a lot of what's taken out of construction sites is trash, a landfill would seem like the best place for it to go. Yet that's not really the problem. Absolute trash needs to go to the landfill, but whatever can be recycled should be, because that frees up landfill space and helps cities avoid problems years from now.

Landfills Look Big, but They're Typically Not That Large

If the landfill that serves your city isn't full yet, you might think there is plenty of room for your construction debris. The problem is that, if you think that way, and others think that way, then the amount of material going into the landfill will increase until the place finally fills up. Also keep in mind that if the landfill is next to roadways, commercial centers, and residential areas, the sections of the landfill along its borders can't be used for trash—that would be a health hazard to the public living and working nearby.

Land Is Finite

When a landfill fills up, the city or county has to find a new spot for another landfill. However, land that can be used for trash is limited. You do not want to dump trash anywhere, as you could be destroying sensitive habitat, not to mention making the countryside look horrible. So it's in your best interests to conserve landfill space when possible. One of the best ways to do that is to recycle what you can, including the debris from your construction project.

There's No Reason to Put Recyclable Material in a Landfill

In the end, though, it doesn't matter how much room is left in the landfill—there's simply no reason to put recyclable materials in there in the first place. Concrete can be crushed and reused. Metal can be recycled, and plastic and glass can also head into the recycling stream. Panels of drywall could be reusable.

Many areas have begun requiring that construction debris stay out of the landfills in those regions. If your area has not yet begun requiring this, you can bet that it may soon do so as cities and counties recognize the importance of keeping landfills as open as possible. Get a jump on those laws now and start having demolition companies take your construction debris away for recycling. You'll quickly see how easy it is to recycle.

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