3 Things To Decide Before Ordering Your Next Workbench

An efficient work station makes it easier for employees to maximize their productivity and minimize the amount of downtime they have throughout their days. One way to set up streamlined work areas for your employees is by investing in new industrial workbenches. Before you make a purchase, here are three things you need to decide before you buy your workbenches.

1. The Size of the Workbench

One of the first details that you need to explore is how large you want the workbench to be. This varies dramatically depending on what tasks your employees need to complete at their work stations and the amount of free space you have around your company's machines.

For example, if your employees need an accessible area to work from their laptops so that they can handle paperwork, return emails, and complete procedure documentation, this will likely call for a smaller workstation than if your employees need a functional area to conduct minor repairs or complete troubleshooting tasks. 

2. How Many Storage Areas You Need

Not only does a workbench give employees a place to complete their tasks, but it enables them to keep the items that they frequently use through the day within reach. This makes it more convenient for your employees to find the things they need, and they're better able to keep their supplies organized when they aren't in use.

It's possible to customize many industrial workbenches so that they better meet your needs. You might add a filing cabinet to the station so there's an area to house files and paperwork. Another idea is to incorporate a set of drawers into the bench so that employees can easily stow their smaller items, like office supplies, screws and bolts, and extra pieces of personal safety gear. Opt for a cabinet or two to house larger items or just expand the amount of storage at the workstation. 

3. Whether the Work Area Has Any Unique Considerations

Sometimes, your workstations will have a few unique considerations that you have to keep in mind when ordering equipment. As an example, some industrial spaces need furniture and equipment that's resistant to electrostatic discharge; this is extremely common in businesses that handle the assembly of electrical components.

The presence of objects with differing electrical levels makes it possible for static electricity to build up, potentially damaging some of the sensitive electrical components that your employees are assembling. A workbench manufactured so that it's resistant to electrostatic discharge will minimize the likelihood that any of your equipment or products are damaged due to the differing electrical charges. 

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