Regular Maintenance Is Important To Keep Your Water Well Doing Its Job

Owning a water well is a great way to reduce your energy costs while being self-sufficient. Once it's installed, you'll no longer have a water bill from the city and there's something that just feels good about being able to use your own water that you've essentially dug or pumped up from your own property. But if you want your water well to continue doing its job for you year after year, some regular maintenance is required. Here are some tips to keep in mind to ensure your water well is performing as it should.

Don't Ignore Pressure Changes

If you turn on a faucet or the shower head and notice that the water pressure is a good bit lower than it normally is, don't just try and wait it out and expect the water pressure to return. A drop in water pressure could mean your well is not pumping as much water as it should be. Get the problem taken care of sooner rather than later and you might be able to limit your maintenance or repair costs.

Add Chlorine As Needed and Do a Bacterial Test

Another thing that should be done on a regular basis is water quality testing. You want to make sure the water that your family is consuming is as safe as possible. Most wells take a page from your local swimming pool and use a chlorine or shock treatment to kill bacteria in the water before the well begins to pump and purify it on its way to you. You should be getting your well serviced by a professional on a regular basis and this pro should make sure the chlorine is at the level it should be. You should also conduct a regular bacterial test of the water once it makes it to your house. Check your tap water and see if the well is eliminating all of the bacteria before delivering it to you and your family.

Check the Pump and Cap or Cover

You should also walk out to the location of your well and visually inspect the well pump as well as your cap or cover. Any signs of wear or tear on your well pump should be fixed as soon as possible in order to avoid a breakdown and larger repair bill later on. Your well's cover or cap should be firmly in place in order to prevent anything from falling in.

Contact a company like Hull Well & Pump Service today to schedule a maintenance appointment or if you notice any signs of trouble that you want someone to take a look at.