3 Roofing Needs to Promote to Your Customers

Every home at some point needs its roof attended to, which means a homeowner needs to seek a roofing contractor to do the work for them. To stand out among other roofers in your community and acquire more customers, you have to show customers that their roofs need the professional care that you can provide.

Show your customers that their roofs need attention by promoting the following three roofing needs. These services can be promoted during other appointments or can be included in a newsletter, mail insert, flyer, or community board.

Regular inspections

The average roof should be inspected every three years or so. This is a repeated service you can promote to new customers so you can become familiar with the new roof you'll be servicing and your customers can get familiar with their new roofers. A regular inspection doesn't involve looking for specific flaws or signs of damage, but rather gives customers peace of mind that their roofs are sound. Any necessary repairs done following an inspection can be worked out with the homeowner.

Water issues

A leaking roof is often the main cause of roof damage and repairs. Other water damage includes water collecting in dipping spots in the roof, faulty gutters causing water to damage the rooftop or under the eaves, and severe water damage from a storm. Promote your water damage repair services when people are most likely to look for a roofing contractor, such as rainy seasons or during early spring when snowfall is beginning to melt.

Attic problems

While the attic is not considered the roof to many customers, quality roofers know that a healthy attic is a sign of a good roof. Explain to customers that their attic should be inspected by a roofing contractor to make sure there are no interior rooftop cracks, signs of water damage, mold, or mildew.

An attic should also be well-ventilated, so point out this need to your customers when you are addressing their other roofing needs. You show your expertise in all roofing solutions when you promote attic services in addition to traditional roofing services, and help your customers feel more confident in your work over other roofers in your area.

When you promote roofing needs to your customers, you help keep your business strong while making sure your customers have sound roofs. Roofers can promote their services on a customer-by-customer basis for better relevancy.