3 Trendy Design Elements For Custom-Built Homes

When you are in the process of working with new home builders to design a custom home, you may want to look to the current trends for ideas. Many of the current trends in home design improve the functionality of your space, both indoors and outdoors. Open Floor Plans More people want open floor plans because they can make smaller homes feel larger. One common way to open the floor plan of your new home is to create continuity between the living room, dining room, and kitchen. [Read More]

What's The Big Deal About Saving Landfill Space?

One of the big claims you see regarding construction material disposal is that recycling the material can reduce the amount going into landfills. Given that a lot of what's taken out of construction sites is trash, a landfill would seem like the best place for it to go. Yet that's not really the problem. Absolute trash needs to go to the landfill, but whatever can be recycled should be, because that frees up landfill space and helps cities avoid problems years from now. [Read More]

4 Tips to Protect Your Home from the Storm Season and Damage During Severe Weather

If you want to protect your home from damage during the storm season, there are some repairs and improvements that you will want to make. Some of the best improvements have to do with protecting the glass in windows and doors. This can be done with shutters, hurricane screens, and other improvements. Here are some tips to protect your home during the storm season and from severe weather any time of the year: [Read More]

Tips For Choosing the Right Concrete Contractor

If you're like many other homeowners, you probably enjoy doing DIY projects around the house, so you may think that installing a concrete driveway or building a concrete wall will be a fairly easy project. Unfortunately, not all DIY projects are as easy as some may think. This often results in the job being unsuccessful. There are several steps that go into concrete work, and if each isn't followed correctly, it can have an effect on the final project. [Read More]