3 Things You Should Do to Get Ready for the Spring Rains

Spring is coming soon and along with it comes the rain. Below are three places you should prepare so you can enjoy the warmer weather without having to worry about the rain damaging you home.  Basement If you have a basement, you need to ensure it is waterproofed properly. If your area gets torrential rains, your basement could be flooded, leading to structural damage to mold. There are various basement waterproofing methods. [Read More]

Don't Know A Lot About Electricity? 4 Things That Require The Services Of An Electrician

There are many types of electrical problems a home can have that you can fix yourself, such as changing out a light switch to replacing an electrical outlet. You may want to install new lighting in your home, which you should not do yourself. Many things require the services of an electrician so you do not cause problems that can be dangerous. Below are four of these things to keep everyone in your home safe. [Read More]

How To Install Inset Kitchen Cabinet Doors

If you want to update your kitchen cabinets, consider adding an inset door. An inset door sits inside the cabinet. It has a lip around the frame to make them look offset.You should be able to do this yourself, but it helps to have some carpentry skills. Here are tips to install an inset cabinet door. Prepare to Work For this project, you need: work gloves tape measure door stops inset hinges screws screwdriver or drill with a screw attachment sandpaper pencil hammer chisel saw Measure the interior of the cabinet door, so you will get the proper fit. [Read More]

Install A More Secure Commercial Door

You have worked long hard hours building up your business, and it is probably one of the highlights of your life. For this reason it is important to protect what you hold dear. Just like your home, your business needs to be protected. There are many ways that you can increase the security of your business, but one of these ways is to install commercial doors. Maybe the doors that you have been using have been up since the building was built, or the last business owner did not care much for safety. [Read More]