A Brief History Of Asbestos

Most people know that the group of naturally occurring minerals commonly referred to as asbestos can be dangerous. Exposure to asbestos has been linked to respiratory inflammation and mesothelioma (a rare form of cancer). Being familiar with the dangers of asbestos causes many people to overlook the origins of these minerals for use in construction. The next time you are wondering how asbestos found its way into many modern buildings, consider this brief history of asbestos. [Read More]

Squeaky Clean Reputation: Have Your Theater's Seats Cleaned Regularly

If you manage a movie theater, you know how messy people can be. Spilled food and drinks are an everyday occurrence in theaters, and they can lead to sticky, germy seats that give your theater a bad reputation. But there's another issue you need to look at in terms of clean seats: the mess that people can make merely by sitting down. Having a janitorial service come in and clean the seats frequently can make your theater a little less frightening whenever a news station brings up reports about the cleanest or filthiest places to go. [Read More]

How To Decorate Your Sunroom For The Holidays

Just because you live in a sunny, warm climate doesn't mean you can't be festive at Christmas. Your sunroom is a special consideration. Don't neglect it, just because it's a room meant for enjoying nice weather. You don't have to be snowed in to make your home feel Christmas-like. Incorporate your sunroom into your decorating, and enjoy Christmas in the sun with these simple decorating tips to make the room practically shine with the holiday spirit. [Read More]